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Chrissi / Mar 12

Think About! 2020 Canceled

We heavy heartedly decided to cancel Think About! 2020 Although it is the right and reasonable decision considering the current situation with the Corona virus we are extremely sad that we have to share these news with you.

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Jakob / Mar 21

It is Scheduled

We just finished the first version of the schedule. 24 amazing talks spread over two stages on two days. This article explains a few thoughts and ideas that went into the specific running order we have now.

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Jakob / Feb 28

On being late for Late Bird

Beginning of January we published our first blog post about finding the right ticket price. Now, after the end of the early bird sales, we learned some new things. Let's dive into those!

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Chrissi / Jan 25

10 Reasons

Many amazing tech conferences are happening in 2019. The sheer amount can make it difficult to decide which one to attend. Here are 10 simple reasons why you should come to the Think About! Conference this year.

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Jakob / Jan 16

How not to spy on your Users!

How can user privacy be ensured when website owners want statistics about their website usage? Common tools like Google Analytics expose your website visitor's data to huge corporations, we find this to be unethical.

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Jakob / Jan 08

The Haunted Twitter Account

On Monday the 7th of January it happened: Over night we had more than 300 additional Twitter followers. Sounds cool, right? Well, unfortunately it is not.

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Jakob / Jan 04

Learning from a Ticket Price Adventure

November 15th we officially launched the ticket sales of the first installment of the Think About! Conference. This is a summary of our journey towards finding the "right" ticket price.

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