Think About! is a two-day community event about technology, design and their impacts on society.

23rd & 24th May 2019, Cologne

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Think About! is a tech conference which focuses not only on technology but also on design and their social impact. It creates a safe and inspirational space for everyone, and we really mean everyone.

Our belief is that society needs diversity in order to continue a healthy and critical dialogue. For this reason we want to bring together diverse individuals and enable them to challenge themselves and each other.

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Track 1

Think About Technology!

Technology has become a part of nearly every aspect of human life. We will present quality talks from domain experts in software development, hardware and software hacking, internet of things, artificial intelligence and many more.

Track 2

Think About Design!

Nearly everything we use today is designed - whether it’s an app to monitor a menstrual cycle or self driving cars. Beside others we will cover topics such as design ethics and product and UX design.

Track 3

Think About Society!

Technology & design continue to shape humanity as a whole. Topics like discri­mination, social and economic equity, and participation in our society are more important than ever. We want to create a platform to talk and discuss these topics.

Our Speakers

Tech Talk

"Algorithmic Bias – Diskriminierung durch Algorithmen erkennen und vermeiden" (DE)

Anika Zeidler


Tech Talk

"CDCs für - Continuous Everything (jetzt mit Cloud™)" (DE)

Tom Vollerthun


Tech Talk

"CI/CD: More than Just Code" (EN)

Ryn Daniels

Travis CI

Tech Talk

"DevOps: Why the Startup CEO Should Care (and you should too)" (EN)

Rachel Willmer

Independent Consultant

Tech Talk

"GraphQL: Gotta Query 'Em All! - In one go!" (EN)

Tobias Struckmeier


Tech Talk

"Innovation under the GDPR" (EN)

Silvan Jongerius


Tech Talk

"Intranet of Things" (EN)

Sebastian Golasch


Tech Talk

"Maintain your ancient projects without getting lost" (EN)

Christopher Grebs


Tech Talk

"Privacy in Software: How to design and implement privacy by default" (EN)

Emma Arfelt

IT University of Copenhagen

Tech Talk

"The Power of Web Components" (DE)

Katharina Bähr

Zühlke Engineering

Design Talk

"Designing for Security" (EN)

Eileen Wagner

Simply Secure

Design Talk

"Diverse representations in design and awkward conversations with colleagues" (EN)

Eriol Fox


Design Talk

"Mapping the problem: Understanding the consequences of our design choices" (EN)

Aly Blenkin

Pivotal Act

Design Talk

"Produkte gegen die eigene Moral - Über kognitive Dissonanz im Produktdesign" (DE)

Gerri Buchegger

Mühle Design

Design Talk

"Zukunftsbilder und menschzentriertes Design" (DE)

Wilhelm Rinke

Berliner Ideenlabor

Society Talk

"Automation and the impact on the working class" (EN)

Christoph Hassler


Society Talk

"Hack Society - Wie wir mit Code gesellschaftliche Probleme lösen können" (DE)

Maren Heltsche

Society Talk

"Highway to the Dangerzone - Wieso es notwendig ist die Comfortzone zu verlassen." (DE)

Jenz Mau


Society Talk

"think.about: Wie beeinflusst das Smartphone unsere Psyche und wie können wir lernen besser damit umzugehen?" (DE)

Muriel Böttger

Share & Grow

Society Talk

"Wiring the Spark" (EN)

Dmytri Kleiner


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Our Location

Cinenova, Cologne-Ehrenfeld

The Conference will take place in a cozy cinema right in the center of the Ehrenfeld district in Cologne. It provides us with two big halls for talks, unlimited drinks, free popcorn and regional organic catering services.

But don’t worry about not seeing the sunlight: The Cinenova has a sunny outdoor area as well.

The Cinenova Building at night, fully illuminated.

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