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One year ago we started to plan the Think About! conference in our free-time. One year later the event is finally happening and we would like to welcome you to the first edition of the Think About!. Representatively for the Think About! team, Chrissi will open the event and talk about the struggles of organizing an event for the first time. Additionally to that she will give you important information about the event itself so make sure not to miss it.

Chrissi Holderbaum

Founder @ Think About!

Chrissi is a freelancing UX and Product Designer and one of the founder of the Think About! Conference. Before organizing the Think About! she has worked as an UX consultant for companies such as the software consultancy ThoughtWorks as well as for startups.

She concerns herself with the question how technology and design continue to shape and impact our society. Furthermore she advocates for privacy, digital rights and the fight for diversity – especially in the tech industry. Chrissi loves to work on projects with social purpose and wants to learn how to use her design skills to build better and more usable open source products.

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Think About! is a two day tech conference about technology, design and their impact on society. It will take place in a cozy cinema in Cologne, Germany.

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