Designing for Security

  • Design
  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: EN

Good security requires basic usability. This universal truth can be demonstrated with a handful of examples, ranging from the UX of key handling, mental models of password managers, and visual styling against phishing. Going deeper, we will ask: why are these tools suffering from a lack of usability, and what can we do about it? Expect a love-hate letter to open source, and a basic introduction to human-centered design methods to incorporate in your development process.

Eileen Wagner

UX Designer @ Simply Secure

Eileen leverages human-centered design and open digital technologies to empower people online. Besides a keen interest in security and privacy issues, she brings her research and analytical skills to lead programs at Simply Secure, a non-profit that brings experience design to open source projects.

Simply Secure | Website | Twitter

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