The Power of Web Components

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  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: DE

The idea of Web Components is not new. Everytime you are writing an HTML button or input element you are utilising the basic concept. Nowadays it’s possible that everyone creates encapsulated components to share their functionality with others. By reusing them, you can reduce development and maintenance cost. Even today’s most popular frameworks like Angular and React are based on them. Web Components have a significant impact on modern web development and changed how we design and structure applications.

After getting started with the basics, I will talk about different ways of writing Web Components as well as challenges and architectural considerations.

Katharina Bähr

Web-Loving Software Engineer @ Zühlke Engineering

I am working at Zühlke Engineering as a software engineer and focus on web technologies including cross-platform applications. Mostly I work in projects in the IoT context and love the combination of different technologies, cloud and connected devices. Besides this, I write about aurelia on my blog.

Zühlke Engineering | Twitter | Website/Blog

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