GraphQL: Gotta Query 'Em All! - In one go!

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  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: EN

GraphQL is a new approach to communication between systems. It is a standard that’s highly praised by its advocates and many web developers. Aside from established protocols like REST and SOAP it promises effective and elegant access to data. In my talk, I give a quick introduction into how to use GraphQL and which problems it solves that justify the cheers for it. What new challenges arise by using it, where you have to find solutions for? What are the risks? Short: where it shines and where it has its shortcomings. What are the risks? Does it fit my project? Or do I stay with REST? Is it time to make a switch?

Tobias Struckmeier

Polyvalent Developer @ Adesso

Tobias (he/him) is developer since the year 2000 and is happy working in frontend and also backend. He works for adesso as a senior software engineer in Dortmund, Germany.

It makes no difference to him whether NodeJS or PHP, Angular or React, Typescript or Vanilla JS. He believes that turning away from technical dogmas makes everyone a more effective, innovative and above all friendlier developer.

His goal is to increase his own knowledge and to improve the exchange between people. Be it by organizing Meetups, Conferences or Usergroups. As a former career changer it is his concern today to make it easier for other beginners to get started. He tries to add his stake into improving the diversity of the tech industry, learning more every day.

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