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Accessibility is a Dirty Word

  • Design
  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: EN

Diversity and inclusion are trending in most organisations and industries (in the West). However, majority of websites, apps and interfaces are not accessible. Why is this so? How can we change this? I’ll be talking about my experiences trying build accessibility into the baseline at the companies I work for. I’ll also share what I know about building inclusive design into your process so that you can create accessible products.

Chimmy Kalu

Senior Product Designer @ WorldRemit

Chimmy Kalu is a product designer who works with companies that put people first, helping them create products that solve real problems. She believes inclusive design practices should be integrated as the baseline for creating products as user-centred products are accessible. Having worked as a software engineer for half her career, Chimmy’s able to translate user needs, technical limitations and business goals into designs that are accessible, usable and delightful. Over the last decade, Chimmy has worked to help heritage brands like British Airways, Vogue and GQ transform their offerings and deliver pioneering products and experiences for their customers. She now works with startups and entrepreneurs, helping them understand and connect with their user base. When she’s not creating product, Chimmy also writes and teaches about inclusive UX and UI design.

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