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Our Banal Binary

  • Society
  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: EN

Binary code is the axiomatic core of computing. It’s quite magnificent, if you think about it. From the binary, ones and zeros, we have built a universe of technology to visualise black holes and record nanoseconds of football goals. And while our technological reliance on binary has stemmed unfathomable inventions, it has come at an unspoken cost.

We perceive the world through this lens—ones and zeros signify clear divide between one another. It is the same dichotomy that lends itself to Boolean thinking: true and false, good and evil, right and wrong, black and white, just and unjust.

From these two simple numbers, we will traverse the impact of binaries on our thinking, language, art, and culture; what it means for the technology we create and the people and environment for whom and in which we create. We will examine the impact of this elegant axiom has limited our expression and how it stands as the most monolithic harbinger our future innovations.

We will seek to fracture the spokes of this wheel and challenge ourselves to a new mental model for tech in order to create something intersectional and inclusive for all.

Tatiana Mac

Independent Designer

Tatiana Mac is an independent American designer.

Currently she works directly with organisations to build products and design systems with accessibility and inclusion in mind. She believes that design heavily influences our social landscape. When ethically-minded, she thinks designers can dismantle exclusionary systems in favor of community-focused, inclusive ones.

She’s embarassed herself in 34 countries.

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