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Let's talk about Tech Burnout

  • Tech
  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: EN

An honest conversation about tech burnout, what it is, who it impacts, and how to avoid it.

Tech Burnout is one of the leading complaints in the tech industry. So why then do so few people and companies talk about it? In this talk, we will have an honest conversation on what tech burnout looks like, who it impacts most with real world examples, and how we can avoid it.

There are various reasons for why we burn out at our tech jobs. One thing is for certain, we are burning out. A leading survey taker Blind has year after year shown that as much as 60% of our industry feels burned out. I have been in the technology industry for over 15 years and have seen first hand and experienced first hand the impact of burnout. I will highlight examples from my time as well as examples of others. We will talk about what this looks like and some of the reasons it can occur. We will also talk about ways we can mitigate tech burnout. In the always connected world we are immersed in, these challenges are numerous so hopefully you will be able to come out of this talk with a better understanding of the signs and solutions. We may not be able to beat tech burnout, but hopefully we can all at least have an honest conversation about it and how we can try to avoid it. This will be relevant for the CEO down to the Junior Developer.

James Spivey

Director of Engineering @ Shutterstock

James has been working in tech since Adobe Flash was a thing, RIP! He has a desire to learn and make mistakes and teach others. Building cool stuff and leading teams is his dream, hobby, and job. He has navigated the coding realm for nearly two decades dabbling in Coldfusion, Flash, Flex, .NET, Java, and settling into his current love, Javascript. He has helped numerous Startups, Government Agencies and Fortune 50 companies realize their technical dreams and is currently the Director of Engineering at Shutterstock


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