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Testing Techniques for Component Driven Development

  • Tech
  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: EN

The web development, especially the frontend development has changed a lot over the last years. Nowadays, we can choose from a numerous range of different helper libraries to find solutions for various problems. Component Driven Development and Design systems are becoming very popular. Has that also changed the way we should, want and can test our code? Frontend Testing is an opinionated topic. There are a lot of highly regarded developers who have tried out TDD once and never gone back. Also, some might argue that particularly (Frontend) Unit Testing is not useful. In this talk, we will have a look at the past and present of JavaScript Testing. With this background, we will discuss new possibilities of Testing for Component-Based Frameworks, like Snapshot and Visual Regression Testing.

Vanessa Böhner

Senior Product Engineer @ SinnerSchrader

Vanessa is a Web Developer. Currently, she is a Senior Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader. Since 2019 she is the Vue Vixens Munich City Coordinator, helping women with their first coding and speaking experiences. She is a member of the JS Kongress Program Committee 2020. She created her first website at the age of ten and has been passionate about web development ever since. She studied Media Informatics with a focus on Human-Computer-Interaction. Now Vanessa is striving to provide customers with the best experience possible while creating modern and accessible web applications. When she writes code, she does it not for herself but for the next developer.


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