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The Miseducation of This Machine

  • Tech
  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: EN

Machine Learning appears to be the solution to all the problems right now, whether solvable by tech or (probably) not. While we implement more sophisticated algorithms and collect larger amounts of data, most developers are lacking an actual understanding of how these algorithms learn. This talk will give you an insight into the inner workings of neural networks and their decision making to help you stay critical of such results. Because machines don’t actually learn that much, but humans do. Let’s make ML tangible and help you become a better machine teacher!

Laura Linda Laugwitz

MSc Student @ TU Berlin

With degrees in both social and computer science, Laura’s spending most of her time mediating between the two fields. She was an organizer of Rails Girls Berlin for about four years and helped women get their first experiences in programming. Currently, she’s a working student in a research project that analyzes hate speech in the comment sections of German news websites, which has increased her need for videos of happy kittens as well as coffee, and politicized her even more. She also teaches at the intersections of tech at her alma mater.

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