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Pipeline: A Chinese Woman’s Journey in(to) a White Man’s World

  • Society
  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: EN

Is there a pipeline problem? This is a hot topic in the technology industry, since it continues to be dominated by white men, while women and minorities remain underrepresented.

So, is there a pipeline problem? I won’t try to answer that question in this talk. Instead, I want to shed light on what it’s like to be part of the minority in tech - and in society. I’ll offer you a seemingly rare but important glimpse into what it’s like to journey through life as a Chinese woman, using a series of short stories from my work and personal life. From having gender and racial stereotypes thrust upon me from a young age, to being objectified at work, to uninvited questions about my race and living in the “other” box, these experiences have influenced my personal “pipeline” and shaped my experience of the technology industry and the world around me.

Cassandra H. Leung

Senior Test Engineer @ MaibornWolff

Cassandra describes herself as a tester and UX enthusiast, with previous roles including product owner, business analyst, recruiter and international account manager. She uses her varied knowledge and experience to help her in all aspects of testing.

Cassandra is very passionate about diversity and inclusion, and tries to raise awareness of various social issues relevant to technology. To this end, Cassandra launched a new collaborative blog series, Identity Stories, in 2019 to amplify the voices of others and shed light on other people’s experiences and perspectives. She has spoken at various conferences around the world and hopes to inspire others to share their stories too.

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

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