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Treat yourself - a tale about dog training and test-driven development

  • Tech
  • Length: 45 Min
  • Language: EN

Before I started my career in software development, I worked for many years as a dog trainer. The experiences I made in this time are the reason why I immediately fell in love with testing. So, let’s talk about TDD! TDD stand for Test-driven development and it’s not only a technique to write tests but also a design process in software development. I want to give you a new perspective on this process and explain how to TDD with the help of comparing it to how to train a dog. TDD has much in common with dogtraining, so at the end of my talk you should be able to write a piece of c test driven code, and also teach a dog a little trick - well, the last thing at least theoretically.

Mirjam Bäuerlein

Software Developer @ BRYTER GmbH

While Mirjam began programming at the age of eleven, her career didn’t start in that field. She worked as an accountant, management assistant and office administrator and after that became a dog trainer with a main focus on behavioral issues. After many years working with people and their dogs she changed her career for the second time and became a frontend developer. Currently, Mirjam is working at BRYTER, where she helps building a no-code automation platform with lots of tests in the front-end!

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