Think About! is a two-day community event about technology, design and their impacts on society.

May / June 2020, Cologne

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Creating an event that is driven by our values was the main motivation for the Think About! 2019. This event was mainly focussed on four values: Diversity, Awareness, Solidarity and Privacy.

Thanks again to everyone who helped making the first edition of the Think About! possible. Without you the event would not have been as amazing, inspiring and magical as it was.

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Past Events

Think About Technology!

Technology has become a part of nearly every aspect of human life. We will present quality talks from domain experts in software development, hardware and software hacking, internet of things, artificial intelligence and many more.

Think About Design!

Nearly everything we use today is designed - whether it’s an app to monitor a menstrual cycle or self driving cars. Beside others we will cover topics such as design ethics and product and UX design.

Think About Society!

Technology & design continue to shape humanity as a whole. Topics like discrimination, social and economic equity, and participation in our society are more important than ever. We want to create a platform to talk and discuss these topics.

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