About Us!

We are Chrissi, Jakob and Rudi from Cologne, Germany! We are two human-beings and a dog who are realizing a long time dream to make their own conference possible. We are currently planning the Think About! in our free time among our daily jobs in the tech industry.

Our world should become a better and safer place for every human being – regardless of their personal backgrounds and beliefs. So let’s come together and do something great!

If you have any questions or feedback for us, or you simply want to get to know us please feel free to reach out at any time.

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The Think About! Founders
Portrait of Chrissi.

Hi, I am Chrissi

I am a product designer that advocates for privacy, digital rights and diversity. With Think About! I can finally fulfill my dream to create an event that is unique, focuses on human-beings and makes people think about their own responsibilities towards our society.

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Portrait of Jakob.

Hi, I am Jakob

Visiting and speaking at tech conferences sparked my enthusiasm for conferences as a utility to bring people together. For me, Think About! is a way to have a meaningful impact on a part of our society.

Outside of organizing Think About! I work as a consultant for agile software delivery teams.

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Portrait of Rudi.

Hi, I am Rudi

I am a dog! I like dog-things like chillaxing all day or eating weird things that have been laying on the streets for weeks.

For obvious reasons, I have neither Twitter, nor my own Website or even an E-Mail account.