Think About! 2020

We heavy heartedly decided to cancel this event
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Tech Talk

"Distributed Teams - FF through 20 years of out- & in-sourcing" (EN)

Dino Frese

Accenture Interactive

Tech Talk

"The Miseducation of This Machine" (EN)

Laura Linda Laugwitz

TU Berlin

Tech Talk

"Please, Release me!" (EN)

Maryam Umar

Thought Machine

Tech Talk

"Treat yourself - a tale about dog training and test-driven development" (EN)

Mirjam Bäuerlein


Tech Talk

"Testing Techniques for Component Driven Development" (EN)

Vanessa Böhner


Tech Talk

"The Layers Of The Web" (EN)

Jeremy Keith


Tech Talk

"Are quality engineers still necessary in modern ages?" (EN)

Clarissa Rodrigues


Tech Talk

"Let's talk about Tech Burnout" (EN)

James Spivey


Design Talk

"Accessibility is a Dirty Word" (EN)

Chimmy Kalu


Design Talk

"Contributions of UX Research to Structural Discrimination - and Ways to Act Against it" (EN)

Lena Sarp

Clue by BioWink

Design Talk

"Designing Against Domestic Violence" (EN)

Eva PenzeyMoog

8th Light

Design Talk

"Transform me, but Please Don’t Change Anything" (EN)

Gabrielle Bufrem


Design Talk

"Mainstreaming Data Minimalism" (EN)

Sebastian Greger

Independent Consultant

Society Talk

"Truth and Technology" (EN)

Alice Thwaite

Echo Chamber Club

Society Talk

"Privilege as a technical debt" (EN)

Amr Abdelwahab

Society Talk

"Pipeline: A Chinese Woman’s Journey in(to) a White Man’s World" (EN)

Cassandra H. Leung


Society Talk

"Sichtbare Wirkung gegen unsichtbare Barrieren" (DE, DGS)

Christine Weinmeister

manimundo GmbH

Society Talk

"Our Banal Binary" (EN)

Tatiana Mac

Independent Designer

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The Location

The Cinenova Cinema has two beautiful and cozy theaters inside, which will be the two stages for our tracks. Additionally, it has beautiful outdoor and indoor areas to hang out, have some drinks and eat delicious icecream.

The Food

The ticket includes breakfast, lunch and cake — together with drinks, coffee, icecream and popcorn.

The food is locally sourced, organic and freshly provided by our caterer. All available options are vegan and vegetarian.

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